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What up yo.

More than anything this is just a post to maybe get some action goin on around here. With the recent post by digitalpulse (did I spell that right?) maybe this place can see some more action, cuz action is good. I do however want to take this oportunity to clear something up. Peterh you may hate yourself, but i don't hate you. Shit, I hardly know you. Actually, I don't fuckin even know you at all really, just from your reviews and livejournal. That weird ass weird al referencing post that I made was just a joke. I was pulling an all nighter, I was a bit off my rocker, and I thought it would be funny. I still think it's funny, but for different reasons. That said, tomorrow is my last day of school for the semester, and I will have tones of free time. THat meens i will be writing reviews, finally!
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on the action and the peterh thing
nobody hates me. it is impossible to do so since i am so lovable and cuddly. this is why i must hate myself. SOMEBODY needs to.

i would have replied to that post, but i was drunk. i think i was going to, but then i looked at some asian porn instead. or played a lot of dirty flash games. i remembering thinking ''breasts'' a lot more than i usually do that night.
Well that is a hella good excuse. Being drunk and horny is a great reason for not doing alot of things.
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